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"I fell in January and sustained significant shoulder damage. I underwent surgery for repair of rotator cuff tears and reattachment of my biceps tendon. I could barely move my arm when I first presented to Gold Medal. I was very apprehensive as to the PT process and also the prognosis for shoulder recovery. I then met the most amazing people. Kyle became my primary therapist and I cannot say enough about his knowledge base in general, and then specifically his excellent care of my injury over the next 7 months. He also understood my fears and showed great compassion during a very difficult time in my life. Then there is Bryan who among other things manages the front desk and schedules appointments. I cannot find enough words to thank him for his quick smile, his interest in my care and his overall support. My significant other also started receiving PT and Bryan went out of his way to schedule us together. Bryan's efforts definitely eased the burden of having both of us in PT at the same time. I also want to thank Danaan for everything that he did for me over the last few months. I met Danaan at the beginning of my therapy and he was supportive and encouraging from the start. I enjoyed talking to him and he was able to divert my attention away from my shoulder pain. Kyle was actually pretty good at that too, as was Bryan! Annie and Brandy entered my PT "life" a little later and exhibited the same kindness and caring demeanor as those who I already depended upon during this time. Gold Medal is very lucky to have these employees and I am very thankful for my care. As I mentioned, I could barely move my arm at first and yet I can now use my arm for many daily activities and can actually reach up over my head! I firmly believe that my progress is fully due to the excellent care and also the encouragement and kindness shown by the people that I came to know during my time in PT. I would highly recommend Gold Medal Perry Hall to anyone who needs help getting their life back after an injury."
Oct 20, 2021
"I’m only two weeks in to PT and I felt the need to write a review about the entire team. I have been blown away by the level of service I received from the front desk to the techs to the Physical Therapists. First of all their hours start early and end late to be flexible with work schedules. Not only that, but on the occasion that they are booked up on certain days they took my number down in case of a cancellation and actually delivered two times already. To give you some perspective the first place wouldn’t have been able to take me for two weeks and I’ve already been 5 times. Not many people can say they look forward to going to PT but I can. The staff is extremely friendly and caring constantly asking me how I’m feeling and if I need any help. Many times I forgot the exercises and they didn’t give any impression that they were frustrated to show me again. I’ve also had some hard personal things going on in my life and I felt so comfortable talking to them that I felt like I was not only getting physical therapy, but seeing a mental therapist as well! I felt everyone truly cared about my well being and getting me back to full health and better than when I was healthy. An example of this is my non injured ankle, Kyle noticed I should be able to stretch further than I was and gave me exercises to do because he was concerned I could tear my Achilles. I’m never someone who writes reviews, but I will recommend anyone who needs PT to go to this location. Thank you "
Sep 24, 2021
"I wanted to add, I am so happy with the progress I have made. I can now bend my knee almost normal range and am able to put my shoes on and tie them! Thanks!"
Aug 12, 2021
"After the Doctor said I need a knee replacement I thought it was worth giving a physical therapy a try. I could hardly bend my knee 90 degrees when I started, I could barely tie my shoes or put my shoes on. Jeremy and the staff were the best. I would highly recommend Gold Medal Physical Therapy. "
Aug 12, 2021
"I have been injured many times in the past 4 years and the staff at Gold Metal are wonderful. they have helped me manage my pain and get stronger and regain movement. teaching me and their on hands techniques have helped me get back to functioning well I want to thank everyone for helping me and making me feel like I am part of the group. It is nice to see people who really care for People for who they are. as well as treating them . I would tell anyone to go to them . "
May 21, 2021
"Jeremy and Tim know what they are doing. Had terrible trouble with hand pain, numbness that would wake me from my sleep. Jeremy was able to assess & diagnose without scans. He set up a treatment plan that gave me almost immediate relief. And continued PT has been fantastic. I highly recommend these guys!!!"
Jun 15, 2020
"I fell and broke my right femur. I have been coming to Gold Medal in Bel Air for three weeks, and I have improved immensely. I no longer use the walker, and I am now weaning myself from the cane. Everyone is so nice and efficient. I especially like that each patient is treated by the therapist in a separate room with the door closed. I would highly recommend Gold Medal to anyone who needs physical therapy. I am glad my surgeon and friend gave me the recommendation!"
Jun 06, 2020
"Been coming here for about a week and some days for a lower back injury that hasn't been solved yet for about a year after multiple doctor visits and physical therapy for about 3 months and nothing helped. Day 1 jeremy had me go through a series of test to see where i'm at and pinpointed/talked me through the issue i was having. I've gained more flexibility and my body has been trying to work itself day by day back to its normal self and i've been feeling a bit better as the days go. On the days i dont see jeremy i have tim who also is awesome. Everyone there seems like they actually like to be there and are really nice and helpful. Hands down best place for therapy in my opinion."
Jun 05, 2020
"I LOVED my experience there! I’m a hairstylist with two small children and so upper body was definitely hurting. The change within my time at Gold medal with Jill and Jenn was significant at the very least. So thankful to have been able to be treated by them, and have a great and friendly experience with all the staff. Love them! "
Feb 24, 2020
"I would highly recommend Gold Metal Physical Therapy. The service I received was top notch. I am on my 4th rotator cuff repair and the physical therapy I received for my first three surgeries from other therapy firms was nothing like the top notch service I received at Gold Metal Physical Therapy."
Feb 21, 2020
"Gold Medal is the best physical therapy place! Everybody there is so nice and knows what they are doing. I hate physical therapy and wish I never had to do it. But since I have to, I’m glad it’s Gold Medal. The physical therapists are personal and love hearing about my life stories, which is good since I have a lot of them. I definitely recommend Gold Medal to anyone in need of physical therapy. Thank you for helping my knee recover healthy and semi-quickly!!"
Feb 16, 2020
"Very nice and friendly. Like family."
Feb 15, 2020
"The staff at gold are very professional, and welcoming. They really work hard treating your injuries Where you feel 100% better."
Feb 14, 2020
"Thank you to the amazing team that makes up Gold Medal PT in Bel Air, from the courteous and kind Front Desk to the pleasant and helpful assistants in the back. The quality of care and professionalism provided by my therapist team. Jeremy, Lindsey, Jen and Tim are stellar!! I came to them after recovering from a large post surgical cervical wound. They helped me to regain my strength which has enabled me to lead a more productive and safe life! Absolutely recommend this Gold Metal Team!! "
Dec 19, 2019
"The entire experience with Gold Medal was great. The office staff were polite and accomodating. Chad was my therapist. He was very pleasant, most helpful and extremely knowledgeable. He took his time evaluating my condition,.answered all my questions and gave suggestions for how I can deal with this condition. He was very thorough and I never felt rushed. Chad was most reassuring and very helpful. He said I could contact him if ever I had any concerns or questions. That in itself is very reassuring. Gold Medal was a blessing to me. Thank you to all involved."
Aug 29, 2019
"I normally don't write reviews, but felt compelled to write one for Gold Medal. I had a total knee replacement in March, and completed my PT in May. I had some long term damage to my knee and my surgeon was amazed at my progress. All the staff was so courteous, upbeat, and experts in the field. My PT's were mainly Jeremy and Tim, of whom I am grateful and appreciative of the extensive therapy, that they put into my knee. I highly recommend Gold Medal (Bel Air) to my family, friends, and anyone else that wants a knowledgeable, friendly, and thorough staff to "get you better". I will probably have my other knee replaced in the near future. Knowing that I will be going to Gold Medal for PT, gives me some piece of mind. "
Jun 14, 2019


"I honestly do not have a single bad thing to say about this place. From the back office to the front desk, physical therapists and techs... everyone there is top notch and really cares. They take care of all the insurance red tape and make sure you are informed the whole way through. I've been going there for almost 2 years off and on for different issues.. I've done PT, dry needling, cupping and a few other techniques to help ease my chronic pain. Everyone I have worked with there has been nothing short of courteous, professional and incredibly caring. I even referred my husband to them recently and they have helped him tremendously. I called them to see if they could take care of my him because he was in excruciating pain from a sudden injury. And they literally made adjustments to their calendar to fit him in the very next morning! This place is awesome. If you need physical therapy, I highly suggest you check them out."


"Everyone is so great here. I always feel very welcomed and my therapy sessions are thorough and professional. I mainly see Chad, who is wonderful and always takes time to listen and explain things/answer all my questions, but really all the therapists and assistants have been awesome and very friendly. I've been coming here for just about a month and my symptoms have improved so much. I really appreciate the home-friendly exercises they give me to do and the help with finding which ones work best for me. I'm glad to be feeling better, but I'll be sad to leave when the time comes!"


"I started going here back in September for a pinched nerve. This place and the people who work there are awesome. My primary PT was Chad and I couldn't have asked for a better PT than him. He kept my spirits high when I was feeling down like I would never get better. He was very patient. Not only did he show me the exercises to get better, but he taught me about why I was having the pain and what may be causing it (like tight muscles around the area that you wouldn't think would cause the pain).

As I was finishing up on the pinched nerve, I started developing shoulder pain and stayed in PT until mid-January. Chad made the transition between treating the pinched nerve to the shoulder pain seemless. Even tho I've been discharged, I still use many of the stretches and exercises Chad showed me in my workout routine. Chad's the man and I owe a lot to him.

Molly and Dan we're in helping out with keeping me on track with my exercises. Brandie is super helpful whenever I needed to do a last minute reschedule. I had Tim as PT and he was awesome as well."


"I highly recommend Gold Medal Physical Therapy! Rick and Jennifer were committed to excellent care and courteous treatment. They were compassionate as they worked through my course of treatment. All of the staff is extremely attentive! The front office personnel and assistants in the gym were delightful!"


"Super friendly and helpful staff that leaves you feeling like family. Appointments were tailored to fit my schedule and workouts adapted over time. Treated me wonderfully and expertly worked me towards full recovery - treatment exceeded my expectations! "


"Great staff! Really professional! Great facility, and relaxed.atmosphere!"


"Excellent care. The therapists are all really dedicated and attentive. It's also nice that they have private treatment rooms. Great hours of availability too, including evenings and some Saturday mornings. Rick And Lindsey have been wonderful to work with."


"Great guys. They've helped me a lot in a short amount of time to reduce back pain I've had for years."


"I had no referral to Gold Medal other than website ratings--they were correct--an excellent experience. Ricky gave very professional top notch care. I progressed rapidly and now am so pleased to get back to pain-free life."


"My feelings and thoughts about this place are only further validated, after spending more time with y'all! Love this place! Thanks for everything."


"The front of the house (staff) is always so pleasant and so are the staff members in the gym. The music is always uplifting and the facilities are well kept. Here's a quote that I love and is a great reminder for all-'People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.'"


"I have to tell you how exceptionally well the staff has helped me achieve my goals after knee replacement surgery. Their encouragement and positive feedback as well as the therapy made all the difference."


"Gold Medal is top notch. I am always greeted with a smile. The staff is exceptional in caring for patients. Someone is always readily available for help or assistance. Very pleasant atmosphere."


"A friend convinced me to stop in for a consult. From being in denial about prior injury and the restrictions it was causing to foot loose and fancy free in a matter of just a few weeks. This is one of the most professional, courteous offices I have ever visited. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"


"I came to Gold Medal for therapy after a knee replacement. On the recommendation of my daughter, who came there after her first and second place,back operation. We both experienced professional and concerned physical therapy. That helped in our complete recovery. We highly recommend gold medal. For all physical therapy needs. My wife also went there and is a happy Gold Medal graduate after her foot and hip surgery. Thanks Gold Medal."


"I have been a patient 3 times at Gold Medal Physical Therapy, the most recent being for my shoulder. I love the privacy of having a close-door treatment room. Faith and Jeremy's dry needling was one of the most beneficial treatments to help alleviate my pain, on top of my PT. I appreciated being scheduled between only two therapists, which provided consistency and comfortability. Transferring to the Medically Oriented Gym with Gwen allowed me to maintain and further improve my strength. She has been able to teach me modified workouts that are challenging, but also do not cause any damage to my shoulder. Even if you don't need PT and are looking to get in shape, I highly recommend a meeting with Gwen. Anyone in need of physical therapy, Gold Medal is the place to go."


"This is the second time I've had to be in physical therapy over the last few years. I wouldn't go anywhere else! Everyone is kind, considerate and makes you feel important. All the staff also makes sure you feel taken care of. My PT explains everything to me so I know exactly why we are doing what we're doing to get me better! They are encouraging and so knowledgeable! They are truly patient focused! Excellent staff and business! I'd recommend Gold Medal to anyone!"


"The Team here at Bel Air has done a remarkable job with the rehabilitation of a combination shoulder and neck muscle injury. They use multiple therapy and strength approaches and remain inquisitive! Each ten member is focused on problem solving. The whole staff is exceptionally friendly and helpful - I am often times transformed from a stoic work attitude to a healthy-smiling relaxation, from my visits. Thank you to all the team at Bel Air Gold Medal PT."


"Erin and Tim were a God-send! They really helped me get my broken foot and sprained ankle back into good working order. I am very thankful for all their knowledge and expertise! The whole staff was wonderful! Gold Medal PT is a great place to come for PT! Thank you, everyone, for your help. I really appreciate it. Hope you all have a great summer. I know I will!"


"Excellent as always, highly recommend. Love how you treat the problem and think of ways to do it and not just go through the motions."


"Gold Medal Physical Therapy stood by me every step of the way from surgery to rehab to half marathon training. Thank you."


"My care at Gold Medal was wonderful! I am out of pain and know how to prevent further injury. Thank you."


"My running is becoming pain free. 🙂 The staff is awesome!"


"I have to tell you that I am learning new and better ways of preventing my back pain."


"My experience here has been wonderful. Everyone I had contact with has been great. I would recommend anyone to come here."


"Gold Medal has been helping me tremendously. I have suffered for 23 years and finally feel some relief. I would recommend highly."


"Sarah is awesome! A + + + all the way! Thank you for a positive and successful experience."


"Gold Medal is awesome! They took super care of me and my foot!"


"The staff has been great. I especially appreciate the flexibility in rescheduling an appointment with little lead time."


"My back has lost the pain that sent me here and I appreciate all that you did for me."


"Gold Medal is great. Everyone from the front desk, insurance, techs and therapists are great and always very helpful."


"The staff is awesome. Friendly and courteous everytime I come in. Schedule times are always flexible."


In Memoriam.....

Former owner of the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens

Art Modell

"This is my third episode of treatment with Gold Medal. Once again they are doing a wonderful job!! They are friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable. They do a great job of working on me and improving my functionality with each visit. I always recommend them to family and friends. They have also treated my husband and mother-in-law at my recommendation, and both were very pleased with their care. I love you guys!!!!"


"Tracey and Jenn have helped me so much. Excellent therapists, compassionate. Will recommend them and Gold Medal to friends and family."


"I am very pleased with my rehab here. Everyone is very friendly and professional. I have progressed terrifically from when I started. Tracey has provided a lot of helpful tips for at home and exercise solutions Thanks for everything. This has been a very good experience!!"


"The most outstanding therapists in Baltimore, especially in Perry Hall office. I've always referred people. Outstanding in Bel Air too."


"Al is programming me for a hip replacement. The PT as well looking forward to the surgery has been helpful to me. And has helped me to over come my fears about my hip replacement."


"My experience here has been awesome. Everyone is very friendly and caring not to mention helpful."


"Dear Gold Medal Staff, Thank-you so much for the care and treatments for my back issues. Sarah and Jenn have been amazing. The entire staff is so friendly and helpful."


"The service and care I received at Gold Medal is Excellent."


"Al and all the staff were Great. My issue was isolated and corrected with great care. I am happy with the results. Thank- you!!"


"I can not emphasize enough how thankful I am for Gold Medal PT, from the therapist to office staff. Tracey is so knowledgeable and helpful, Jenn has always been so compassionate and very flexible and goes out of her way to meet our ever changing needs. Thank you all for being a shot of fresh air in the PT business."


"I really like Al. He has been excellent explaining things and answering my questions. After just two visits and homework exercises I can walk a little easier with less pain."


"The caring and training I got from the staff especially from Sarah was exceptional. Thanks for everything."


"I have to tell you I am pleased with the level of care I receive at Gold Medal. My PT is knowledgeable, listens to my concern and adjusts my treatment accordingly."


"I was very pleased with my whole experience with Gold Medal. All the therapists and staff were wonderful. I would highly recommend Gold Medal to anyone who needs therapy. Thanks."


"This was my first therapy experience. You all set the 'bar' so high! What a great experience. Everyone was so nice & friendly. Thank you for making therapy a great experience!"


"When I started I was having trouble walking and my shoulder and lower back hurt about a 10 on the (1-10) pain scale. Through the nice therapists Jeremy and Tracey, I learned a lot about my body and how to stretch it, relax it. I loved the ice, heat and electric stim with relaxing music and soft lights. Oh how many times I fell asleep. Wish I could take an exercise bike home with me. Thanks to everyone on the staff."


"I am pleased with the professional operation - reminder calls, flexibility when I have run late. "No problem" & "No worries" are very reassuring as a patient & reduces stress. Thanks very much for everything!"


"The entire staff worked so great with me. The experience was beyond just therapy. If anyone asked I would tell them to run to Gold Medal Physical Therapy. Thank you and God bless."


"You guys have been amazing. The staff is fantastic, helpful, knowledgeable and took great care of me. Thanks to all of you."


"Very knowledgeable, and very skilled in their craft. They always help me, and I feel better. I have great confidence in Kevin and his team at Gold Medal Physical Therapy. They are in a class by themselves."

Art Modell

"I got surgery on my ankle and once it was time for PT, you guys took great care of me. Thank you all!"


"I came to you with very little movement in my arm. I'm back to moving my arm and working with children without pain and the fear that I could be hurt by a simple pull from a little hand. The entire staff has been fantastic!"


"I've been to many physical therapy offices, your office is the best by FAR. More hands on by the therapist."


"Keep up the good work! Everything was very prompt, friendly, and smooth!"


"Thank you to all your wonderful staff for the help in achieving my goal of healing and getting better. Great therapists and staff! Thanks and good luck to everyone."


"I came in with a problem and it was quickly diagnosed & therapy prescribed. I am 100% cured."


"You did GREAT!!! Tracey and Al are both wonderful. They have given me my independence back. Their expertise, kindness and caring are so "over the top" that it is difficult to explain. Thanks."


"I truly enjoyed everyone who has taken care of me. You guys are awesome!!"


"Problems with pain, movement and strength due to carpal tunnel in both wrists. I now have "happy" hands that work."


"Thank you for making me feel better. The staff at Bel Air are wonderful. They are all very nice, patient, kind and professional."


"Jill was awesome! The receptionist was super friendly and organized. The entire staff was highly professional & always had a smile on their face.... a totally caring environment. The facilities were beautifully decorated, seems silly, but a real plus. Made you feel like you were in a Spa - not PT. Love Gold Medal!! I would recommend you guys to anyone without reservations."


"I came to GMPT after I realized I couldn't zip up my dress. Yeeks!!!! All of the staff, starting with the receptionist's greeting me & ensuring I had follow up appointments, to the PT techs with ice packs & properly placed electrodes, to the Physical Therapist - massaging, stretching & encouraging, made this a very positive experience. The improvement in my ROM and strength is significant. Thanks to everyone's effort, I was able to rappel down a 17 story building with my frozen shoulder."


"I came in with a lower back injury that was preventing me from running. Thanks to Tracey, I was able to finish my 34th half marathon."


"Both Jeremy and Jill have been extremely helpful and very very pleasant! I would NOT hesitate to tell everyone to come to Gold Medal. My treatments have been outstanding."


"I've been very pleased all the way around - with both the professional knowledge & physical treatment as well as the personal friendliness of all the staff. They answered my many questions knowledgeably & thoroughly. I felt personally very well cared for. Many thanks."


"Staff was exceptional. Always a pleasure to deal with!!"


"I had knee replacement surgery this year and had a great experience at Gold Medal. I worked with Bryan the most, and I think he is excellent!! All the staff was very pleasant, especially Jeannie, Jackie, Mary & Robin. Thank you all so much."


"I was able to regain my ankle strength to the same level as my good ankle. This is the third joint issue you have treated me for and all 3 times I have been ver pleased with the results. Thank you."


"Terrific! I learned a lot and you helped me recover from sciatic problems. Plus, everyone is so nice."


"It took a year and a half, but I am much stronger, with less pain and some good habits. Great people."


"You were all so incredibly kind to me when I struggled through my pain. As I moved on to different treatment and several second opinions, I learned that not everyone shares their knowledge as you did nor do they share their support & kindness as everyone did in Perry Hall and at the Brick Bodies site. I feel very lucky to have been under your care."


"This has been the best PT experience. The best staff, the best service, and the very best care. Thank you!"


"The staff members are attentive, diligent and so very friendly. My therapist, Bryan, listened to my concerns, was sympathetic, and focused on the therapy needed on that day. He also helped me understand exercises were important to do at home."


"I can not believe the care I have received. Everyone has been kind, thoughtful and professional. You can be sure that I will recommend friends to Gold Medal. Thank you for your care."


"I usually saw Jill for my herniated disc in my lower back, and also saw Jennifer several times. Both are exceptional therapists, always mindful of my pain level, and never pushed too far. Jill was knowledgeable and always answered my many questions. Jenn was extremely helpful and gave the best massage! The front office staff is friendly, welcoming and always very accommodating. You could not ask for a better group of people for your practice. Thank you so much."


"I came to GMPT because of pain in my back and down my right arm. Jill put me on a plan that really improved my back, neck and arm. The exercises, stimulation and massage really worked for me. I actually looked forward to my visits because I knew I would feel better afterward. The rest of the staff was also pleasant and friendly. It makes it easy to come when you are treated as a person and not just an appointment."


"I'm always raving about the staff at Gold Medal and everything they've done for me. I had been dealing with back pain for years, and finally sought treatment. After a few weeks at Gold Medal, I was walking pain free and standing up straight, which made my mother very happy! Everyone makes you feel welcome the minute you walk in the door. I recommend GMPT to all of my friends!"

Kelly Griffin
Play Action Sports/
Top of the Bay Sports/ iLAX

"Everyone at GMPT has been absolutely great. I was more than pleased with the care, patience, knowledge and encouragement from the staff. Thanks to Jennifer and Jeremy for all their help. I appreciate it so much!"


"Everyone was attentive and professional. My questions were taken seriously and answered sincerely. I would definitely recommend GMPT to my family & friends."


"The staff did great, very professional and courteous. Therapy was very good. I'm leaving feeling much better and greatly improved with my movement and overall feeling. Great Job. I'll recommend your staff any time."


"Outstanding care & customer service. Continue with the course you are on!"


"I felt the office was very nice and helpful. Therapy staff very good, explains everything and listens to patient. Great with children."


"Great! Everyone very friendly. Impressed with level of expertise & knowledge."


"Fabulous! Always a nice welcome and great people, and a lot of physical improvement. Thanks for everything!"


"Dear Gold Medal Therapy Staff,

I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and to thank you for being the wonderful, caring group that you are!

Because of your smiles, encouragement, and friendliness, I look forward to my therapy sessions and find them easier to bear.

Have a lovely New Year--and may you all receive the gifts of God's Blessings. Enjoy the Holidays."


"Thank you for all the years of wonderful care your staff has give me. You feel like family. Have a very merry holidays And a beautiful New Year."


"We wanted to thank you for your patience, kindness you showed to Richard and myself during his recent evaluation for a power chair. We wanted to let you know the chair was delivered this week. What a difference it has made in our lives. We can't thank you enough. We wish you, your family and staff a very happy, healthy holiday."


"Thank you all so much for all you have done for Larry and myself. Because of you all, we are now training for our first 1/2 marathon pain free 🙂 Merry Christmas."


I can never thank you enough for making my physical therapy such an experience that was rewarding & beyond my expectations (I told you I use to hate P.T.) You are very compassionate, knowledgeable, with a very joyful spirit ad a terrific person. Gold Medal is blessed to have you. And Tim - what a wonderful co-partner you are to Al and one day you will be an excellent PTA. Your concern for me, my knee & age was above & beyond your job qualifications... Because of the two of you & my wonderful experience – I am now on a new phase of my life & I dearly appreciate your giving me that opportunity. You made me laugh again. God Bless."


"Dear Mr. Murray

Please accept my congratulations for the wonderful service your staff offer at Gold Medal Physical Therapy. After a December 2009 knee meniscus repair, 2 additional surgeries to clean out a whopping infection & a final diagnosis of septic arthritic knee, I chose Gold Medal in Perry Hall on the recommendation of my neighbors & because it was close to my home in Upper Falls. After several sedentary weeks & many doctor visits, I had not expectations of physical therapy, but from my first admission contact with Robin to my final weeks with John at Brick Bodies, I was impressed with the compassionate, professional attitude of all of the staff with whom I had contact.

I was able to keep all but one appointment during the "big 2010 snowfall"; however, the kindness of your secretarial staff, re: getting to your site & the saneness of your cancellation policy, was much appreciated. The environment in the Perry Hall office was always calm, friendly & caring & I always rewarded myself with a few Tootsie Rolls as a post therapy treat. I was so glad to work with both John & Tracey as I found their different styles, their useful tips & approaches & their compassionate professionalism to be helpful & exactly what I needed. Finally, your entrepreneurial venture with Brick Bodies extended my therapy in a wonderfully contemporary way. Once John left me on my own, I felt comfortable with the equipment and, in fact, I just tried the "Aquafit" class & am seriously considering a Brick Bodies membership.

Thank you again for truly offering "personalized professional care."



"Gold Medal Staff

I just wanted to thank you all for being so nice & accepting to me! You are an awesome staff and I really liked hanging out and getting to know you all. You made me feel like I fit in and I hope to be making more visits to see you all again! Hope to see you soon!!"


"To John & Jennifer

I want to thank you both so much for everything you've done for me. I'm doing well and back at work on a full-time basis. I don't think I'd be able to do it without the things you both did for me. I don't think I could've asked for two better therapists and I want to let you know that from the bottom of my heart..."


"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you most sincerely for the tremendous help that I was given by your association. When I came to Gold Medal, I was a very sick person, and, never did I ever think that I could leave a few months later, feeling better than I have felt in probably thirty years.

Your employees are positively excellent. They are so very kind, so unbelievably professional, and, extremely caring. I was fortunate to have Jeremy Stiffler for my therapist, and, I can never thank him enough for all he did to help me.

Dr. Codd is my doctor, and, even he, did not expect me to do as well as I did. He said, on my last visit, that my report was and A+...and that he really didn't think that would happen.

That certainly says a lot for Gold Physical Therapy. You all are terrific, and, I thank you from the bottom of my hart for all you have done to help me.

May almighty God bless each of you, and, may he extend his loving arms around each of you, and protect you always."

God Love You Always,

Jacqueline Wesolowski

"Dear Mr. Murray,

Thank you and your staff, especially Mr. Jeremy Stiffler for all the hard work and dedication given to my wife, Mitzi in therapy sessions. The attitude of your staff has been exceptional from day one.

I would like to express my point of view as Melva Stratemeyer's husband. All the pain in her back, legs, arm and neck is gone!! Melva's attitude and her desire to be pain free was not a cake walk for her. The knee replacement surgery and follow-up therapy were not easy for her. I was not sure what to expect because Mitzi was never a physical type person. We seldom walked together or did any type of physical activities. When we were younger we liked to dance. Now we can enjoy dancing again.

Thanks again!!!!"

William Stratemeyer

"Dear Mr. Murray,

I am writing this letter to thank you and the staff at Gold Medal Physical Therapy for the outstanding care I received during the past year. As you know, I was scheduled to have lower back surgery on March 1, 2006 because of damage caused by osteoarthritis, and to remove a synovial cyst. After approximately six months of physical therapy at Gold Medal, I no longer suffered from excruciating pain, and the surgery was cancelled. Since then, after a follow-up MRI was done, it was discovered that the cyst no longer existed.

In April 2006, after two complete knee replacements at Good Samaritan Hospital, Jeremy Stiffler put me to the test with a program of rigorous exercises, including pool therapy. My surgeon's remark, "good knee bending," was proof of more excellent therapy at Gold Medal.

Finally, yes more therapy, this time for pain in my right arm due to osteoarthritis in my neck. You and Jeremy have made me pain free again. I must admit I was skeptical that physical therapy would help my conditions. You and Gold Medal proved me wrong and I am very grateful. Thank you again."

Melva (Mitzi) Stratemeyer

"Dear Jen,

Just had to write a note to let you know how special you are. I appreciate all the gentle care you gave me during my P.T. sessions. I really looked forward to having you do your magic (at times it seemed mystical - almost a spiritual experience) as I felt the healing go from your hands to my body - there was a gentle form of energy exchanged.

I know that sounds a little "kookie" but you do have a special ability to aid healing by your touch; and I'm glad that you are using it.

Thank you so much for being an integral part of my P.T. - and if I ever need to return, you can be sure I will request to be scheduled with you. Continue to use your God given talents, and thanks again for your wonderful care."

Pat Thomas

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Kevin for over 5 years now. I can first of all recommend him wholeheartedly as a physical therapist and as a person. He is an excellent provider. At this point, I think he is in excellent standing with the community and all the physicians in the community. He will probably do very well in his endeavors. Finally, he is a very responsible person and I would have no problem entrusting any care to him or any of the follow up or long-term needs that my patients might have, and I think this also carries over to his own personal and professional life.

If you have any questions regarding Kevin, please refer them to me at the above address. Again, I recommend him wholeheartedly."

Sincerely yours,


"I have known Mr. Kevin Murray and his "Gold Medal Physical Therapy" group since they moved into the area about 7 months. Mr. Murray along with his two associates, Ms. Jamie Turner and Mr. John Broadway have treated several of my patients and myself. They are very professional, attentive and effective in achieving the goals of therapy. I can highly recommend this hard working group of physical therapists."

Yours truly,


"Dear Mr. Murray:

You are highly commended for establishing and maintaining a highly competent, consistently efficient and personable staff. Upon each visit, I was greeted in a professional and congenial manner.

As I reflect on the day in March when I walked into Gold Medal Physical Therapy struggling on a cane for my first physical therapy session, I realize how much progress I have made. I remember in just two weeks I was walking confidently without any assistance. John Broadway, my assigned physical therapist, began his work with high expectations, a firm hand but a gentle spirit. Each visit presented more challenges and rigorous exercise. He was diligent with his home assignments and motivated me to achieve each new goal.

Thank you for making my therapy experience positive and productive. I'm hoping that I will continue to thrive in good health, but if for some reason I should ever need physical therapy again, I will definitely return to Gold Medal Physical Therapy for your services.

Accolades to you, John, Leslie, and your staff for work well done."


"Dear Kevin,

Recently I completed three months of physical therapy for a frozen shoulder at Gold Medal and I want to take the time to comment on the experience and compliment your staff. I have spent my career in the healthcare industry and realize that patients will find the time to respond in a negative manner, but rarely take the time to follow-up when they have a positive experience.

Everyone that I encountered at Gold Medal was pleasant and helpful. For three months, three times a week, I was greeted in a cheerful manner by Robin. She was positive, upbeat and caring. I want to specifically express my appreciation to Jeremy. I realize that his skill and expertise was the reason that I progressed so well and achieved the results. In addition to his technical abilities, he possesses a warm, kind and compassionate manner. He always knew when to encourage me and push me to the next step.

Although the therapy was painful and uncomfortable, the manner in which I was treated made the experience so much better. Please extend my appreciation to everyone for the care that I received. I would recommend your practice highly to anyone seeking physical therapy services."


"Dear Kevin,

I just wanted to thank you for making me better and for showing me a better way to exercise and take care of myself.

I know this is your job, but you have such a nice way about you. I was so depressed when I first came to you about my back and my weight and I finally found someone to show me the right way to do things to carry me through even into my old age. The girl on the front of this card describes how I fell now. I am motivated to do all my stretches and exercises and I am just feeling so good about myself now. Thank you for that!

I hear business has really picked up. I am happy for you and wish you continued success in your new place."