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Steven Nadeau

Rebecca Holston

Rebecca Holston’s Testimonial

A knee injury from playing soccer… OUCH!!! Becca Holston couldn’t run without pain, even after completing two months of physical therapy elsewhere. Becca began treatments at Gold Medal with Jeremy Stiffler, DPT, and Jill Katulka, PT in January 2011.

Becca says the personal attention she received from Jeremy and Jill really amazed her and made quite a difference. She also appreciated the privacy of her own treatment room over the “open gym for therapy sessions” she previously experienced.

After completing her treatments at the end of April, Becca was able to finish her spring varsity soccer season at Harford Christian Academy. Her team went on to win the championship and she was voted MVP of the tournament! This summer she was able to continue her training with her club team, and now plays for Harford Community College. The 18-year-old freshman who is studying nursing, says she is extremely happy to be able to play her favorite sport again!

Congratulations Becca and good luck to
you and your teammates!

Steven Nadeau


Nancy’s Testimonial

Madalyn Cook

Madalyn Cook’s Testimonial

Madalyn Cook
Competing in and finishing an IRONMAN competition is quite a challenge. Madalyn Cook was so determined; she stuck to her three times-a-week physical therapy treatments right up until the July 24th event in Lake Placid, New York. Madalyn says it was her work with Al Yesilonis, PT, that made it all possible.

Earning the title of IRONMAN means swimming 2.4 miles, cycling 112 miles, and then running a marathon, 26 miles! Madalyn completed this amazing feat in 14 hours and 27 minutes. She is not only a dedicated athlete, but also an extraordinary woman.

In February 2011, Al was able to assess Madalyn’s foot injury and craft a treatment plan especially for her specific needs. The 49-year-old mother of two began to improve and was an excellent patient. After she was taught how to correctly tape her foot, things really seemed to take off. Her workouts increased and her pain level disappeared. With diligence she continued to improve and was determined to do well in the competition.

Madalyn and Al

Madalyn says without Al’s help she may not have been able to reach her goal, and that he went above and beyond in his care. Madalyn refers to him as her “motivating force,” her “little cheerleader.” And while moral support is essential, she also trusted him implicitly. Al is a three-time Boston marathoner. According to Madalyn, he knew exactly what to do, and when, to get her to the next level.

Earning the title of IRONMAN is one of the ultimate physical challenges. Gold Medal Physical Therapy is proud to be a part of “Team Madalyn”.

Team Madalyn

Team Madalyn

Mary Eichelman, Al Yesilonis, Madalyn Cook

Congratulations Madalyn and good luck
in your upcoming competitions!

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