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April 2018

Bonita Voyton

Patient of the Month - April 2018

All of Ms. Bonita’s very hard work following recent knee replacement surgery is paying off! In just about a months’ time, she’s walking and riding the bike with little to no problems. In fact, while visiting her doctor’s office recently, another patient (a nurse) told her, "you didn't have a knee replacement, you must have had an arthroscopic cleaning.... people don't walk the way you do this soon after therapy." This is when Ms. Bonita realized how good she was doing. With a few more months of therapy, she'll be back doing all those things she loves to do!

Mary Tsakiris

Patient of the Month - April 2018

Mary is a long-time member the Gold Medal family, and is back following a fall which resulted in two significant fractures in her leg. It has been a long, arduous journey through rehabilitation but with determination and an iron will, Mary has reached a point where she is walking in the community, back to work, and going up and down stairs regularly. She has worked so hard in the clinic and is finally reaping the rewards as she moves toward her long-term goals. Mary, we're so proud of you!

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