Quick Fix: Shin Splints


You’ve probably heard of shin splints — heck, you’ve probably experienced them. Shin splints are incredibly common, and they affect athletes in a multitude of disciplines; running, dancing, gymnastics, just to name a few. The term is thrown around so frequently, it begs the questions, what are shin splints exactly? Barring the obvious “it’s just pain in your shins,” shin splints are an overuse injury that can cause micro tears and inflammation in the soft tissue surrounding the bone lining of the tibia. Many factors, such as muscle weakness and even the shoes you wear can contribute to the development of shin splints.

Strengthening and Recovery

We’ll spare you all the of the usual platitudes associated with posts like these — today, we’ll move straight to the strengthening and recovery component.

Here are two easy and novel exercises that you can add to your workouts, to hopefully help ward off the ever vexatious shin splints.